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This is the status page of Everything is a File, a course I am building about doing Incident Response on NIX-like operating systems such as the BSDs and Linux/GNU.

  • Introduction to the History of Unix
  • The boot and initialization process:
    • From power to BIOS to Kernel loading, Initialization, runtime control scripts, systemd and unit files.
  • Logs: Location, structure, and how to find them.
  • FHS: The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard and You.
  • Network: Configuring various NIX-like variants, performance tweaking, operating at various layers.
  • Files: Text files, compiled executables, scripts, and interpreted programs.
  • Processes: The launch process, memory allocation, swapping and the swap file.
  • Hands on exercises practicing the techniques learned in the class.
  • Projects introduces you to my extra curricular hobbies
  • Writing introduces you to my adventures in information security.
  • Blog will hopefully keep interested parties up to date as I build and release sections of Everything is a file


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NIX-like and Structure

Please note that we recognize that “UNIX® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.” Any use within this class is for academic purposes only and when possible “NIX-like” or “GNU/Linux and the BSDs” will be used. Readers are encouraged to read the Unix History diagram by Éric Lévénez. While we’ll be covering many flavors of NIX-like Operating System but we will spend most of our time in OpenBSD and GNU/Linux/Debian otherwise known as “Debian. Read more
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This project was started in response to a disturbing realization that there is a lack of people with Linux and BSD experience that are able to administer a system let alone perform incident response or forensics on one. In short, we need more people saying “It’s a UNIX System. I know this!” I know this

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*BSD is used to reference OpenBSD, FreeBSD, HardenedBSD, and NetBSD. With respect to Linux, the GNU toolset from the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is recognized as the predominant tooling, and in this class we’ll be using the Debian distribution. The GNU/Linux/Debian distribution will be referred to by the shorthand of “Debian” not the full nomenclature.

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